Brand Control and Sales Channel Management Program

  • Track and trace your products from production to the end customer

    • Accurately identify unauthorized sellers

  • Manage your brand's pricing policy to insure compliance

    • Implement or modify a minimum advertised price policy (MAP)

      •  Complete compliance with all federal and state laws

  • Control and improve your brand's image and customer perception

    • Focus on standardization of accurate and most current:

      • Images

      • Product details and content

      • Many other brand identifiers

  • Optimize product packaging and design for e-commerce sales and fulfillment

    • Eliminate damage in transit

    • Integrated lot tracing, batch coding and expiration dates

  • Strategic Promotions

    • Customized promotions to increase your brand's visibility

      • Proven methods to decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC)

  • Customer satisfaction

    • Increase and manage customer reviews

    • Insure 100% customer satisfaction 

    • Improve customer retention


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